The Imperfect

So I’ve messed up. A lot lately. Sin is entangling me. Sometimes it is fun, seems okay for just a little awhile.

This is not what Jesus intended. This is not the abundant life He came to give. He wants us to trust that what He has for us is greater. So much greater than what we think is great or fun.

By choosing Him, we are not missing out. We are not giving up anything. We are gaining so so much more. If only I could see and believe this truth in my life.

I am learning how imperfect I am. We all are sinners has never been a more true passage than in my life than right now. I’m digging into this passage tonight, realizing the grace available. That God’s way may not be clear to us, but he is good. He has good for us, even when we don’t see it.

“Still, if you set your heart on God
and reach out to him,
If you scrub your hands of sin
and refuse to entertain evil in your home,
You’ll be able to face the world unashamed
and keep a firm grip on life, guiltless and fearless.
You’ll forget your troubles;
they’ll be like old, faded photographs.
Your world will be washed in sunshine,
every shadow dispersed by dayspring.
Full of hope, you’ll relax, confident again;
you’ll look around, sit back, and take it easy.
Expansive, without a care in the world,
you’ll be hunted out by many for your blessing.
But the wicked will see none of this.
They’re headed down a dead-end road
with nothing to look forward to—nothing.”
Job 11
Let’s choose Him… and when we fail, let’s choose Him again.

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