Goodbye for now

Tomorrow I leave on my adventure to study abroad in Vienna, Austria! I will probably not have time to keep up with this blog while I am gone, but I will be posting on my other blog, Lana in Vienna, as much as I can! Read along if you want to come on this journey with me!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for theĀ LordĀ your God will be with you wherever you go. {Joshua 1:9}

Blessings, Lana


Thoughts from God

Sometimes when I journal I like to write down my thoughts as if God is saying them directly to me. Here is something I wrote in my journal a couple months ago. I wouldn’t normally share things like this, but I think anyone who is single and struggling with focusing on God needs to hear this often.

It is easy for me to write this out, but to actually listen to these words seems to be so hard sometimes. I’m slowly learning to trust in his timing and seek him for peace.

He is truly the only one that can make us content and fill our hearts with joy. Let’s not settle for less than the best that God has for us.

{Be patient, darling, I will bring you your true love when the time is right.
Do not rush.
I know your desires, I know what you need.
I am preparing the best for you. A match only for you.
I know you feel alone, but I am right here. Give me your heart. I will keep it safe. Until his heart is ready.
Then you can meet.
Be patient, darling, I will bring you your true love. But for now lean into me. I’ll keep you safe. I’ll keep you strong.
You’re beautiful, darling, you deserve the best.
Be patient, darling, I’ll bring you the one when I think it’s best.
But, for now, give me your heart. And take a rest.}

I challenge you to write out your feelings this week and to also write a response to yourself from God.

2015 Non-Goals

I recently read this idea on the blog Design for Mankind and I really enjoyed it, so I thought i’d give it a try. Instead of picking things to work on for the new year, I’m going to look back on all of the good things in my life. These are things that bring me joy, things that I can embrace and things that I am thankful for.

1// I am learning that it is okay to be alone. I actually enjoy time alone and sometimes I feel guilty about not being social. I’m learning that I need this alone time just like I need air to breathe. It’s good time for me to think, relax and not worry about what others think of me.

2// I’ve started becoming more adventurous and I really like that about myself. The fact that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things is letting me know that I am beginning to really live life.

3// I finally picked and declared my college major. Now that I have made a decision, I can focus on things I can do to be successful and grow.

4// I’ve learned a lot about who God is and the actual story that the Bible tells this past year and I am thankful for that. I am embracing who God is and the story of His wonderful people.

5// I am realizing how important family is. Being away from home has helped me grow and learn in so many ways, but when I come home I remember who I am and see how special the people supporting me are.

I know big things are ahead for 2015 and I am thankful for all of the people in my life who love and continue to show me kindness.

What are some of your non-improvements for this year?